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WebEx Support

For technical support, please contact WebEx Technical Support: (866) 229-3239. They are available 24/7. If you have a McMaster specific question, or need an account (faculty/staff) you can contact us at

Welcome to our WebEx Support site! Here you'll find how-to documents, videos and other support resources to help you get familiarized with our new web conferencing tool at McMaster University.

WebEx is a very powerful and attractive tool designed to facilitate online meetings, online classes, student group work and other collaborative ideas. WebEx is divided into 4 centres, all with different capabilities and purposes. The centre most similar in function to Blackboard Collaborate is the “Training Centre”, meant for online classes with functions such as audio/video, chat, whiteboard, breakout rooms, quizzing and polling. Sessions can be recorded in this centre. The “Meeting Centre” is similar to the Training Centre but without the functions normally associated with classes (breakout rooms, quizzing, polling). This centre is meant for online meetings or virtual office hours. There are two other centres, the “Event Centre” (allows large events to be broadcasted – up to 3000 users) and the “Support Centre”, which will be explored later.

WebEx Training: October 12th, 10:00am - 12:00pm - MIIETL Classroom, Mills Library, 5th floor

IMPORTANT: Students having issues joining WebEx sessions

If your students have issues joining your session, you might be running into a bug we have discovered, regarding Outlook/MacMail. If you copy the information to send to your students, including the link, from your email that is opened in Outlook or the browser version of MacMail, that link will get broken by some extra formatting that Outlook inserts in the link. As a result, when students click on the link, it will take them to an Outlook/MacMail login page, instead of the session link. There is a workaround that you, or the student can do to get to the correct link:

If you click on the link and it redirects you to an Outlook/MacMail login page, please go back to the link and copy-paste it into your browser instead of clicking on the link. If the copy-paste does not work, first copy-paste your link into a text tool such as Notepad that strips formatting, then copy-paste the link that is now in Notepad and put it in a browser. It should now direct you to the correct session link.

If you are posting your link in Avenue, please ensure you perform this workaround first before you paste that link into Avenue.

Please note: Students DO NOT have accounts in WebEx. They are attendees that join the session with the link you give them. Accounts in WebEx are only for faculty/staff at McMaster.

Support Resources

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