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Laser Micromachining Project
McMaster Biophotonics Research Group
McMaster University

Liam Ward:
Jacob Saunders:
Qiyin Fang:
Harold Haugen:

Description (Summer 2020)

The current goals of the project include: designing and implementing a control system to update the current outdated control system. The new control system will provide a user-friendly GUI to run on a Windows(7+) Operating System. This GUI will send commands to an Arduino-based hardware interface to control various hardware devices.

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micromachining_manual_20101206.pdf MICROMACHINING MANUAL_20101206
micromachining_experimental_setup_connections.pdf MICROMACHINING EXPERIMENTAL SETUP CONNECTIONS

Progress / Updates

This section is meant to describe how the control system is to be implemented and provide a section to document updates.


DateUpdate DescriptionAssociated Files
6-10-2020 Created high-level control system
for translation stages:{x,y,z}
See image 'Translation Stage Only Diagram' below
6-10-2020 Created preliminary high-level control system
for entire system (not finished yet)
See image 'Control System Diagram' below

Translation Stage Only Diagram

Control System Diagram

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