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Our lab specializes in development of optical spectroscopy and imaging systems for biomedical and environmental applications. Our projects include: multimodality optical biopsy techniques for real-time clinical diagnosis and guided therapy, optical endoscope designs for gastrointestinal (GI) cancer screening, photodynamic therapy (PDT) photosensitizer uptake and dosimetry, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) technologies for high content screening; miniaturized optical sensors for water quality monitoring, and optical sensing and imaging technologies for smart home and aging research.

What's New

Nov 2016: Dr. Keiichiro Kagawa from Shizuoka university is visiting our lab
Sep 2016: Anthony's paper was accepted in Photonics (Open Access)
May 2015: Sharon and Eric are awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship
May 2014: Anthony is awarded the Engineering Physics Graduate Student Award for “Outstanding Contributions to Research and Community”

McMaster Biophotonics


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