• Phone: +1 905 525 9140 Ext 24227
  • Dr. Fang's Office: Engineering Technology Building 405
  • BME Graduate Student Office: ETB 303
  • ETB Micro/Nano Systems' Lab: ETB 306
  • ABB BIMR Photonics Research Lab: ABB B105

Campus Map


Campus Parking

The parking lots used for labs and meetings would be lots I and J.

Directions to ETB

Walking to ETB

Walking to ETB from main street just requires a street crossing and a direct walk path to the building as shown

Driving to ETB

When driving to ETB from Main Street, you must go down Cooter Dr then enter the campus and park in parking lot I as shown

Walking from parking lot I

Once vechile is parked, walk down the path to ETB as shown

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