Laser Micromachining Project
McMaster Biophotonics Research Group
McMaster University

Liam Ward:
Jacob Saunders:
Qiyin Fang:
Harold Haugen:

Description (Summer 2020)

The current goals of the project include: designing and implementing a control system to update the current outdated control system. The new control system will provide a user-friendly GUI to run on a Windows(7+) Operating System. This GUI will send commands to an Arduino-based hardware interface to control various hardware devices. A supplementary goal of the project is to first develop a simple GUI to control the Fiber Laser System.

Important Links

LinkDescription Current Github Repo (Sapphire Laser) Published Github Project Site Github Repo for Fiber Laser


micromachining_manual_20101206.pdf MICROMACHINING MANUAL_20101206
micromachining_experimental_setup_connections.pdf MICROMACHINING EXPERIMENTAL SETUP CONNECTIONS

Progress / Updates

This section is meant to describe how the control system is to be implemented and provide a section to document updates.


DateUpdate DescriptionAssociated Files
6-10-2020 Created high-level control system
for translation stages:{x,y,z}
See image 'Translation Stage Only Diagram' below
6-10-2020 Created preliminary high-level control system
for entire system (not finished yet)
See image 'Control System Diagram' below

Translation Stage Only Diagram

Control System Diagram

The Control System diagram can be viewed at this link: Control System Link'

Current Status of the Sapphire Laser Control System GUI

Current Status of the Fiber Laser Control System GUI

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