Ian Phillips

Ian Phillips
PhD Candidate
McMaster School of Biomedical Engineering

Email: philliih@mcmaster.ca
Office: ETB 303 | Lab: ETB 431


Ian Phillips is a Ph. D. candidate in his final year at McMaster University studying Biomedical Engineering. He graduated with a B. Eng. in Engineering Physics from McMaster in 2014. His biophotonics research focuses on improving colonoscopy by tracking endoscope motion, visualizing vessel structures and evaluating extended field of view imagers. In his research, Ian has used visible and infrared cameras, micro-CT and synchrotron x-ray beams. He is also a collaborator with McMaster's Additive Manufacturing Group; providing his experience with optics, image processing and visualization to their multi-disciplinary research. Ian's industry experience includes a yearlong co-op internship at L3Harris WESCAM working in Electro-optics Engineering beginning September 2017.


NSERC USRA Summer 2014: Undergraduate Researcher (Eng Phys)
Continue working on the Endoscopic Catheter Tip Orientation & Position Tracker project started last term in Eng Phys 3G03.

September 2014 - August 2016: Biomedical Engineering Master's Candidate
Working on the larger GI project under the direction of Dr. Sahli (Post-Doctoral Fellow) and Dr. Fang.

Jan. 7, 2016 – Oral Presentation
Phillips, I.H.D., Sahli, S., Fang, Q., Petrik, S., Boursalie, S., and Wagstaff, B. (2016) Improving Endoscopy for Lower GI Cancer. 5th Annual McMaster Biomedical Engineering Symposium.

June 16, 2016 – Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation
Phillips, I.H.D., Sahli, S., Wang, R.C.C., Armstrong, D., Deen, M.J., and Fang, Q. (2016) Panoramic Endoscopic Imaging for Colonoscopy Applications. MDA Space Vision and Advanced Robotics (SVAR) 2016.

June 6, 2019 – Oral Presentation and Demonstration
Phillips, I.H.D., Armstrong D., and Fang, Q. (2019) Real Time Endoscope Insertion Length and Orientation Tracker. MDA Space Vision and Advanced Robotics (SVAR) 2019.


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