Subscription Help

Subscribing to the wiki is straightforward and fairly easy to do. At the bottom of every page is a button labeled “RSS XML FEED”. Clicking on this loads “feed.php” which generates a list of recently updated documents on the wiki. By default, the feed format is RSS 1.0. One can then subscribe to the page that is loaded to be informed of updates to the wiki.

How the feed is generated can be influenced through various URL parameters.

Parameter Valid values Default Description
type rss, rss1, rss2, atom, atom1 rss1 This is the Document-Type the feed is using
mode recent, list recent What should be exported? The recent changes or a list of documents
num any integer “recent” option
(currently 20)
How many items should be included (ignored in list mode)
ns a namespace * which namespace should be exported
linkto page, rev, diff diff where should the itemlink point to
minor true,false false Display minor changes or not


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