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When uploading videos in Avenue, there are some users who have issues playing those videos on their computers. Some video files do not work with certain browsers due to the different ways each browser plays videos and due to compatibility issues.

The best solution at this point is to have the videos put up on a streaming server first and then added to your course. Some departments have their own streaming servers so please inquire within your departments to see if it is available to you. Alternatively, hosting your videos on YouTube or Vimeo and then linking to them in Avenue can also help.

Size limit - D2L suggests 200MB but depending on the class size (say 1000+) we recommend 100-150MB now, to prevent video lagging and access issues. Also if a course developer is uploading a file in excess of that 150MB suggestion, the chances of it timing out on upload increases.

Youtube or Vimeo - If an instructor embeds a link anywhere using the 'Insert Stuff' framework to add a YouTube video/other embedded media in a Content frame, the Firefox internet browser blocks the content because it is not secure. This isn’t a huge deal considering the amount of users we have using firefox out there, but something to be mindful of.

Captioning for videos - D2L actually does have a nice tidy way of associating SRT or WebVTT files with video’s uploaded to content which should be noted:

Limitations of video note - it has a 3 minute cap. It also isn’t that great in terms of accessibility accommodations. It doesn’t provide captioning ‘on the fly’ like the content tool does, meaning if you want to do captioning to your video note, you have to download the video, then re-upload it to content and associate the captioning files at that time. Instructors should be mindful of this when they create a video note in content or any other tool in D2L.

For questions or concerns, Avenue support is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM at (905) 525-9140 ext. 23757 or email

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