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 {{:​pebblepocket.png?​200 |}} {{:​pebblepocket.png?​200 |}}
-PebblePocket is an app for smartphones and tablets ​(for both iOS and Android)It’s ​primary function is to not act as a replacement of the desktop ​Pebble+, but rather as a system to capture and upload assets for use in the desktop version. ​+PebblePocket is an iOS and Android ​app for smartphones and tablets. ​Its primary function is to not act as a replacement of the desktop ​PebblePad, but rather as a system to capture and upload assets for use in the desktop version. ​
-PebblePocket includes the functionality to: Create posts and reflections,​ record experiences,​ or to add photos and videos. ​+PebblePocket includes the functionality to:
-**Before uploading any files, go to settings ​and make sure that the option to “Only send large assets on WiFi” is selected; large files (such as pictures or videos) may require a lot of data to upload and can incur additional costsAdditionally,​ large files may take some time to appear in desktop PebblePad. +  ​Create posts and reflections 
-**+  ​Record experiences 
 +  * Add photos ​and videos. ​
-If you don’t have access to a computeryou can still use PebblePad from your phone. It is possible ​to either log in from the web browser, or to press on the “PebblePad” menu option at the bottom ​of the PebblePocket app; this will take you to the mobile version of PebblePad, ​where it is possible ​to edit projects.+**Note:** Before uploading any filesgo to settings and make sure that the option ​to “Only send large assets ​on WiFi” is selected. Large files (such as pictures or videos) may require a lot of data to upload ​to the desktop ​PebblePad ​and can incur additional costs. Alsolarge files may take some time to appear in desktop PebblePad.
-<note warning>​Some functions ​don’t ​work on mobile such as resizing from properties bar! CHECK AGAIN!</​note>​+Assets sent to PebblePad can be accessed from the Asset Store. They will appear at top of your editing history. 
 +**Note:** If you don’t ​have access to a computer, you can still use PebblePad from your phone. It's possible to either log in from the web browser, or to press on the “PebblePad” menu option at the bottom of the PebblePocket app. This will take you to the mobile ​version of PebblePad where it's possible to edit projects. 
 +======Receiving a Signature on a Competency Experience====== 
 +PebblePocket provides a resource for officially verifying your experiences. An assessor (ex. employer) can digitally provide their signature as official proof of your accomplishment in a workplace. 
 +1. To attain a signature, press on the “Competency” option in PebblePocket,​ under “Record an experience”.  
 +2. After you provide information on your accomplishment, ​such as date and description,​ the assessor can sign off on it at the bottom. You can then save the asset to your device or send it to desktop PebblePad. 
 +**Note: Opening and editing the asset in PebblePad can cause the signature to be removed or invalidated. This is indicated by a message noting that the asset has been edited since it was signed. As as result, you may need to get the asset re-signed.**
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