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Reusing assets

When you have multiple projects, you may find that you wish to reuse sections from previous projects (such as another portfolio, blog, workbook, or pages) for your new one. Instead of having to recreate them by hand, it’s possible to reuse them multiple times.

Reusing portfolio pages

First, open the page in the portfolio you wish to save and reuse for later. Then, click on the “Properties” button in the top right-hand corner. A menu will slide out from the right with two subheadings: “Block” and “Page”. Click on the “Page” heading.

There will be a checkbox at the bottom of the menu, under the “Reuse Pages” heading. The checkbox says “Make current page visible in your store”. This will effectively add the current page to a collection of other pages and elements (such as pictures), that you can access in different parts of PebblePad. Select the box to add the page to your store.

When you next go to create a new page by pressing on the “+” box in the top of the screen, you are prompted to “Add a new page here”. Below are the options to either “Add an existing asset” (in this case, the saved page), or to “Add an existing portfolio”.

Select the option to “Add an existing asset”. You are then provided your most recently edited assets (such as pages or workbooks) that you can reuse. Note: You can only reuse pages that you’ve saved in other projects (you cannot have duplicate pages in the original project).

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