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-====== Exporting ​files for use in projects ​====== +====== Exporting ​Existing Portfolio Pages as PDF ======
-Saving a document or image file as a PDF will allow it to be viewed by all users on the internet, regardless of the software they have installed. This also allows you to present your work publicly without fear of it being edited by others. For images, regardless of their actual format, it is possible to export them as JPG, PNG, TIFF, or PDF. It is recommended to export images as either PNG or JPEG for them to be immediately visible in your PebblePad projects. For word documents, it is recommended to have them exported as PDF. +
-The following are the steps for exporting a word document as a PDF, however the process for exporting images as JPEG etc. is identical+{{:​export_project_as_pdf.png?300 |}}
-==== For Windows ==== +In addition ​to sharing your project [[Sharing | online]], you can also save it as an offline ​PDF file, which you can then print or share with others.
-To save something as a PDF, open the desired document. Go to File > Save As. When choosing the location of the document on the computerin the options below you can select the format to save the image in. Open the dropdown and select ​PDF (you can also select JPEG or PNG if it’s an image file)+
-When others open a PDF in your projectthe document ​ will open in a new tab for them without interfering with their location in your project.+1. Open your project ​and select “I want to…” in the upper right-hand corner. Choose the “Print” option
-==== For Mac ==== +2. PebblePad will then provide you with a menu to export your project as a PDF. In this menu, you can adjust certain export settings, such as the page layout ​(portrait or landscapealong with optional content, such as including linked items (such as evidence), banner images, ​and footers
-Go to File > Export To > PDF. Select ​the Image Quality ​(making it higher might cause it to load slower for some users when viewing it) and save it in the desired location+
-While you can import images into your projects by using the image block and uploading the desired file, it should be noted that PDFs can’t be uploaded on Portfolio pages; they can only be used for collections,​ blogs, and logs (not Portfolios or Pages)To upload PDFs in blogs etc., there is a button ​at the bottom of the page to “Add to your blog”Pressing it will prompt you to upload a filessuch as PDFs+**Note:** It's recommended that you check all three options to keep as much of your portfolio as possible in the PDF version. 
 +3Finish your export by pressing “Download printable PDF” ​at the bottom of the menu. 
 +4. This will open the PDF of the project on your computerwhich you can then save or print.
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