Embedding Videos Into Portfolios

Currently, Pebble+ only supports videos from YouTube and personal files.

To embed videos, click on the “+ Add Content” button at the top of the page. Then press either on the the camera block (to upload videos from your personal files) or the YouTube icon (to upload videos from YouTube).

Uploading YouTube videos

To upload a YouTube video, simply paste the URL of the desired YouTube video into the text area in the block.

Uploading personal videos

To use a personal video file, select the Video block and click on its “Open asset store” button. A side panel will appear on the right, prompting you to upload a recent video asset in PebblePad. You can also select “Upload” in the same menu to upload a new video asset to PebblePad.

Tip: Once any type of file (ex. video or image) has been uploaded once to Pebble+, its thumbnail will immediately appear in the upload menu of recently modified assets.

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