McMaster Summer Workshop in Molecular Genetics

The McMaster Workshop in Molecular Genetics began in 2000 as an applied learning experience for Biology students in their third-year of study. It was designed to equip students with the theoretical background and practical training in several key molecular biology techniques used in modern research biology labs. The format of the course, given in all day sessions over a two-week period, allow students to focus on active learning of research-based methodology without the distraction of other, concurrent courses.

This Wiki is meant to be a student-focused resource that allows easy access of critical information needed in the laboratory. Some parts of the website require a user id and password. These are automatically assigned to current students in the course but may be given upon written request by the instructor of the course. Course Assignments are to be submitted to Avenue to Learn ( as will be discussed in class.

Schedule for 2015


Lab Material

Class of 2013 Pictures

To be added at the end of class….

Student EM Pictures


Safety Training must be completed on your own schedule

Complete the Fire Safety and BSL1 non-hospital online quizzes located at BSL1 Fire Safety

Lecture notes

Previous Years Notes

Lecture Note pages The notes describe the theory the experimental procedures are based on….

Scientific Supply Companies

Scientific Supply Company page These are equipment and reagent suppliers

Manuals and Brochures

Manuals and Brochures Descriptions of equipment used in the course

Lab Safety

Lab Safety Important–please review this information. During the course, we will discuss specific issues.


Chemicals used in the course (This link leads to Student-generated content…)


HPLC data

Great Free Software

Free Software Page These are software packages that HES has used and recommends.

Great Shareware



Book and References

Web Resources

Useful Web Links

Classic Molecular Biology papers

Beadle G. W. and Tatum E. L. 1941 Genetic control of biochemical pathways inNeurospora.Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 27, 499–506.

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Schrödinger E. 1944. What is life?. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

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