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 ====== Protocols for 3rd Party Integrations ====== ====== Protocols for 3rd Party Integrations ======
 +If there is interest in a 3rd party tool to be integrated into Avenue to Learn, there are some concerns that should be taken into consideration before moving forward - Privacy and Accessibility being at the forefront.
 +First off, a Technology Service Vendor Questionnaire must be forwarded to the vendor (Please contact us for this form). Have the vendor fill this in as best they can and forward back to us when completed. ​
 +The vendor must also provide us with administration/​integration guides for our LMS (“D2L/​Brightspace”,​ aka ‘Avenue to Learn’), for consideration.
-Under construction +There are no guarantees that an integration will be done to the LMS, especially if the above factors are not addressed fullyFor more information,​ contact support at http://avenue.mcmaster.ca/support/
- +
-===== Avenue Specifics ===== +
- +
- +
-Nothing at this time. +
- +
- +
-===== Effective Pedagogical Practices ===== +
- +
- +
-<font 9.5pt/​helvetica;;​black font-family:helvetica; font-size:9.5pt;;#​ffffff>​Please let us know if you have any pedagogical input for this tool.</font>+
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