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 [[:​start|{{:​avenuewiki:​avenue.jpg?​nolink&​200x50}}]] [[:​start|{{:​avenuewiki:​avenue.jpg?​nolink&​200x50}}]]
 +<​html><​h1><​b>​***UPDATES:​ PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE FOR THE LATEST INFORMATION ABOUT AVENUE TO LEARN:​***</​br></​br>​ <a href="​https://​avenuehelp.mcmaster.ca">​https://​avenuehelp.mcmaster.ca</​a></​b></​h1></​br></​br></​br>​ </​html>​
 ====== Assignments (previously known as Dropbox) ====== ====== Assignments (previously known as Dropbox) ======
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