Creating an Animated Gif and Inserting it Into PebblePad as an Asset

A gif is a series of image frames that are constantly repeating to form a moving image. Gifs play automatically and don't have to be loaded to watch like a video file. They're useful for catching attention and illustrating certain concepts. For example, they're often used as memes to add humour or to illustrate certain concepts quickly.

There are two ways to make a gif: from an existing video or from scratch using a series of images.

Using existing videos

There are many resources for making gifs using video clips from popular video sites or from personal video files. One of the more popular resources is Giphy. You can paste in a URL from YouTube (or another video source) as well as upload your own video files to make gifs with this tool.

Other resources: Imgur Gifs.

Using separate images

Gifs can also be created from a series of images using Photoshop. A blog tutorial can be found here and a video tutorial can be found below:


Alternatively, online resources can be used to make gifs from separate images (such as

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